Research Areas

NHP (Natural Head Position)

3D Natural Head Position (NHP) Reproduction

Natural Head Position : A relaxed head position with the eyes focused on the distant horizon.
  • Natural head positioning is important to improve the results of surgery such as orthognathic surgery.
  • The 3D CT model does not represent the NHP, because a head of patient is randomly placed in a CT coordinate system during a CT scanning.
  • The purpose of the NHP is to rotate the 3D CT skull model to the NHP position.


3D NHP Reproduction Using a Single Facial Photograph Based on the POSIT Method

A system that repreduces the NHP with 2D pictures of commercial cameras and ceramic balls without expensive equipment has been developed.
  • The point of this system is to convert points of 2D photograph to points of 3D model using POSIT algorithm.
  • Journal : Three-dimensional natural head position reproduction using a single facial photograph based on the POSIT method