Research Areas

Surgical Navigation System

A Virtual Surgery Planning System for Orthognathic Surgery

A system for acquiring or checking information of meved target bone before surgury.
  • Conventional Method : Manually and physically moving cast model.
  • Innovative Method : A system of virtyal planning
  • The planning result was transferred to the patients directly by virtual model guidance.


An image-guided surgery system using augmented reality technology convergence with 3D positional tracking system.

A research on the development of image-guided surgery system. combining augmented reality and 3D positional tracking technology to improve accuracy of surgery and expand surgical view of surge.

Visualize the virtual maxillary model on the real skull model using Augmented reality technology.

The 3D high accuracy registration technology which aligned three coordinate systems(CT image, optical and magnetic tracking system). And the image guided surgical navigation system applied this registration technology.